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2008 Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Winners

To open the file, click on the link below. To save to your computer, right-click (windows) or ctr-click (mac) and save the file.

08 bestinshow-slide.jpg
Best in Show
08 brackman-slide.jpg
Robert Brackman Award
08 baline-slide.jpg
Milton Baline Award
08 boronda-slide.jpg
Beonne Beronda Award
08 tetlow-slide.jpg
Marion Tetlow Award
08 acrylic1-slide.jpg
First Place Acrylics
08 acrylic2-slide.jpg
Second Place Acrylics
08 acrylic3-slide.jpg
Third Place Acrylics
08 acrylicHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Acrylics
08 craft1-slide.jpg
First Place Crafts
08 craft2-slide.jpg
Second Place Crafts
08 craft3-slide.jpg
Third Place Crafts
08 craftHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Crafts
08 graphics1-slide.jpg
First Place Graphics
08 graphics2-slide.jpg
Second Place Graphics
08 graphics3-slide.jpg
Third Place Graphics
08 graphicsHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Graphics
08 mixedmedia1-slide.jpg
First Place Mixed Media
08 mixedmedia2-slide.jpg
Second Place Mixed Media
08 mixedmedia3-slide.jpg
Third Place Mixed Media
08 mixedmediaHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Mixed Media
08 oil1-slide.jpg
First Place Oil
08 oil2-slide.jpg
Second Place Oil
08 oil3-slide.jpg
Third Place Oil
08 oilHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Oil
08 pastel1-slide.jpg
First Place Pastel
08 pastel2-slide.jpg
Second Place Pastel
08 pastel3-slide.jpg
Third Place Pastel
08 pastelHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Pastel
08 photography1-slide.jpg
First Place Photography
08 photography2-slide.jpg
Second Place Photography
08 photography3-slide.jpg
Third Place Photography
08 photographyHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Photography
08 sculpture1-slide.jpg
First Place Sculpture
08 sculpture2-slide.jpg
Second Place Sculpture
08 watercolor1-slide.jpg
First Place Watercolor
08 watercolor2-slide.jpg
Second Place Watercolor
08 watercolor3-slide.jpg
Third Place Watercolor
08 watercolorHM-slide.jpg
Honorable Mention Watercolor