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Energy Solutions

Creating A Brighter Future For All

Providing members with access to clean energy information by identifying the latest innovations, incentives, and opportunities.

US Council on Renewable Energy
CL&P Energy Initiative
Groton Utilities Initiative
Best Practice Energy
Sustainable Success Stories
There is no better time or place to begin your personal clean energy initiative than here and now. Innovative building technologies and practices save businesses both energy and money.

American business has always led the world in finding innovative solutions and developing groundbreaking technologies, from the automobile and space shuttle to the personal computer and cell phone. Business innovation has shaped our world, and business will provide the innovative solutions to ensure America wins the clean energy race.

Buildings use more energy than any other sector of the U.S. economy, consuming more than 70 percent of electricity and over 50 percent of natural gas. Investing in energy-efficient buildings yields cost savings for American businesses, reductions in peak demand, expeditious and sustained reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, and a brighter future for all.

The Greater Mystic Chamber is a participating member of CICE, Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy. This strategic partnership allows for us to deliver the latest opportunities and innovations to our member businesses.