Welcome to the Mystic Chamber Foundation, Inc.

Logo for the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

The Mission of The Foundation

To foster and promote an atmosphere within the Mystic Community which enhances the business climate through the sponsorship and development of educational and community service programs. The Foundation is committed to developing and enhancing our community’s unique heritage and character.

About the Mystic Chamber Foundation

The Mystic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-profit (501(c)(3), community service and educational organization.

Our Programs

Patron of the Arts Program

Restricted Patron of the Arts gifts will directly support a new feature at the 2018 Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival. Donors will be recognized on the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce website, in social media and at the 2018 Festival

Regional Wayfinding Program for the Greater Mystic Area

Working with the Towns of Groton and Stonington, this program is intended to promote local tourism and grow the local economy with a consistent, attractive wayfinding system of signage and information stations that assist tourists to find their way around the Greater Mystic area

Youth Workforce Educational Programs

Focused on developing fundamental entry-level job skills, programs prepare high school students for service industry jobs in our local tourism market by learning key skills such as Teamwork, Communications and Excellence in customer service. Programs may be conducted in 3 local schools, or in smaller seminar-type settings

The Mystic Chamber Foundation welcomes your tax-deductible gifts. For more information contact the Chamber at info@mysticchamber.org or call 860-572-9578.