GO MYSTIC Shop Local

Don't let supporting local business be all talk. GO MYSTIC

Products - services, dining, shopping, working on your house, getting a haircut or going to the salon - for business or for fun...you name it, you can get it here in Mystic. Every dollar YOU keep in Mystic, Stonington and Groton, increases our collective success and together, we all win! Here is GO MYSTIC, a movement about the power of doing business locally to advance the regional economy.

It's Simple ... GO MYSTIC:

  1. Improves the Mystic, Groton, Stonington economy

  2. Helps area businesses rebound from the financial impact of the last 18 months

  3. Makes your community a better place to live

The best part? It doesn't require any additional spending on your part - just a change in where you're spending

Why Should I buy the GO MYSTIC Mastercard® Gift Card?

GO MYSTIC Mastercard Gift Cards keep restaurant, retail and professional services' dollars within the local economy. In other words, we are neighbors helping neighbors. Many participating businesses offer added incentives just for using the card. In addition, every dollar spent locally is an investment in Mystic.

Visiting Mystic or know someone you love who is? The GO MYSTIC Mastercard® Gift Card is a great gift idea.

GO MYSTIC Mastercard Gift Cards is accepted by every member of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce including the Mystic Seaport, Old Mistick Village, Mystic Aquarium, Foxwoods Resort Casino, the downtown Mystic Merchants and all of the fine dining establishments who are members!

Stronger community: Stronger Economy

When you buy goods and services from businesses in Mystic, you’re increasing our region’s gross regional product (GRP), an indicator of an area’s economic health.

Beyond the buck: Better schools, roads and more

Whether you’re buying clothes from a local boutique or commissioning a nearby architectural firm to expand your company’s headquarters, you’re also simultaneously supporting local roads, schools, parks, police and fire departments and other quality-of-place projects.

Going local creates jobs

When a business is healthy, it can keep its doors open and sustain its workforce. Better yet, it can grow and hire more workers who also have individual spending power.

New Infrastructure and better business

Strong businesses also make for a more vibrant, robust and powerful Mystic, which increases our attractiveness to companies looking to expand or relocate. Growth breeds growth.

Don't pass the buck

What if you buy the same product – whether as a private consumer or business – from a company physically located outside the region? You’re helping fund that OTHER community’s upgrades, not your own.

So ...

  • If you support local jobs … GO MYSTIC

  • If you support local police and fire … GO MYSTIC

  • If you support local teachers and schools … GO MYSTIC

  • If you support local roads and parks … GO MYSTIC

  • If you support local parks and other amenities … GO MYSTIC

  • If you support a growing, thriving community … GO MYSTIC.

The choice is clear. GO MYSTIC.

Ready to become a loudmouth about GO MYSTIC? (We thought you might…)