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Community Proud

The Chamber is always working on ways to meaningfully promote members of the community and in doing so, we’ve created a social media series called ‘Community Proud, Celebrating Those That Live and Work Among Us!’, presented by Core Plus Federal Credit Union.

We believe in celebrating the community heroes who live among us — maybe a Stonington lifer, or the person with that interesting story who connects to the community in a meaningful way, or the third generation tradesman who carries on their family name. This series is designed to spotlight the heartbeat of our community!

To nominate someone, simply send us a photo of them (preferably 500 x 500 pixels) along with a brief write-up explaining why they deserve recognition (just a couple of sentences). Our social media team will conduct a quick interview, snap a few photos, and share their story across our platforms, reaching over 10k followers. We'll tag and promote your business for added visibility and create a landing page featuring them for all to see! 

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