In celebration of International Yoga Day, the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Mystic Yoga Shala for its first annual YOGAPALOOZA!

When: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Time: 2:00pm - 9:00pm

Where: UConn Avery Point Groton, CT .

Address: 1084 Shennecossett Rd, Groton, CT 06340

Tickets: $50


10 Yoga Classes

Vegan Food, Like-Minded Vendors, Kirtans, Gong Baths, Heartfulness Meditation, Henna and Farmers Market

Enjoy all the above while taking in the beautiful views of the Long Island Sound on the lawn of the UConn Avery Point Campus.

Yogapalooza and classes start at 2:00pm, but participants are able to come anytime between 2:00pm - 9:00pm to partake in as many or as few classes as desired. A new 50 minute yoga class will start on every hour and an overlapping class will start on the half hour.



Vedaji, a life-long yogi, mystic, and monk, has influenced the lives of thousands of students throughout the world. Having spent his childhood and early adulthood in a monastery in northeast India, Vedaji has continuously searched for answers to life's unanswerable questions. As a practitioner of Advaita Vedanta (self-inquiry) and Bhakti (devotion), he travels around the world to share a process he created called the Chitta Cleanse Technique (CCT). Undergoing CCT allows one to access the highest quality of life through a cleanse of the subconscious mind.

Vedaji now resides in Atlanta, where he shares ancient vedic wisdom and yogic principles with the western world. As the founder of the Mindful Seva Institute (MSI) and Food4Lives, he raises consciousness by empowering all those he comes into contact with. Vedaji will share wisdom about the essence of yoga, helping attendees to awaken their conscience and the divinity within.

Danielle Newton

Be Brave Yoga

Danielle has been practicing Yoga in many disciplines for 15 years. Initially drawn to the practice for relief from arthritis, Yoga quickly became so much more than a physical refuge. The spiritual path has lead her to teach yoga that speaks to mind, body, and spirit as a complete system for self-inquiry and healing. Vinyasa yoga is her specialty these days, teaching classes that encourage and empower students through physical movement and personal connection. In addition to power classes, Danielle also guides students through Bhakti Yoga practices in Kirtan and Mantra Workshops and offers support to Yoga Teachers through her workshops and teacher trainings.

Danielle’s teachers include: Vedaji, Annie Q. Simard, Kimberly Charbonneau, Julie Liefeld, Janet Stone, Nikki Meyers, and Dana Walters.

Johnny Longinidis


Johnny began his yoga journey in 2010 when he was searching for something to compliment his martial arts discipline. Having practiced and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 6 years, his body was beginning to fall apart. Years of sports, reckless behavior and burning the candle at both ends were beginning to mount up physically and mentally. What he discovered in his yoga practice exceeded his expectations. He entered with the hopes of gaining physical openings and flexibility. Not long after beginning, he noticed major improvements not only in flexibility and strength but focus, breathing, and the ability to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. He was hooked. He knew this practice had so much more to offer than just the physical benefits.

Johnny now runs a personal development coaching practice along with teaching Breathwork around the globe. His mission is to raise the level of consciousness and release old traumas with all high level performers, coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, youths across the globe.

Business Name: Pranayama Studios


Class: Breathwork

Annie Chapman

Mystic Yoga Shala

Annie is a Baptiste Educator and Founder of the Sangha Yoga School in addition to being a mother of 4 beautiful kids. In June 2014, she quit her full-time job to follow her bliss.

Annie attributes yoga to shaping her life in immeasurable ways.

Committing to a practice and falling in love with Baptiste methodology at the Mystic Yoga Shala, Annie is now a Baptiste Yoga instructor. Annie loves the Methodology so much that she has participated in the 40 Days To Personal Revolution at the Mystic Yoga Shala 5 times! In addition to her Power Vinyasa training, Annie also trained with Bo Forbes, Yoga for Emotional Balance at Kripalu and Recovery Yoga Teacher Training led by Elizabeth Johnstone.

Annie believes in an organic and vegetarian lifestyle for her and her family, she supports local farmers and producers of every day goods. Annie is co-founder and incorporator of Fiddleheads Food Co-op in New London. Annie also loves to share the healing powers of Essential Oils and as a result is a successful distributor of Young Living Oils bringing abundant health and well being to family and friends.

"When you walk into the Yoga Shala, it’s like coming home. Everyone is glad to see you. As soon as you walk through the door, the smiles, and the warmth greet you in this safe and welcoming place. Come to Class!"

“Yoga i the Journey of the Self, through the self, to the Self.” Bhagavad Gita

Trish Reyburn

Blissworks Yoga & Healing Arts

Trish Reyburn is the owner of Blissworks Yoga & Healing Arts, established in New London, CT in 2004. After being diagnosed in her teen years with RA and Lupus, Trish turned to yoga and natural living to improve her overall health and has now been symptom-free for over 25 years. She began her yoga journey in 1995 and was certified at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in 2000. After exploring many different yoga styles, her heart led her to attain advanced teacher training in the Anusara method of alignment-based yoga. She is an experienced 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and also leads teacher trainings through Blissworks. Trish believes that yoga is something that can be accessible to all people in its myriad of forms. And during these wild times, it is important to have some quiet time to oneself. Along with asana practice, Trish enjoys singing and leading kirtan, rollerblading, hiking and playing with her wild kitty, Coconut.

I will be teaching an ALL-LEVELS YOGA CLASS

Kim Abraham

Hot on Bank

Kim Abraham is from The Yoga school at the Kitchen Gallery. Kim has been instructing yoga classes for over twenty years. She focuses on teaching Ashtanga and Yin styles. Kim will be teaching an Ashtanga class.

Maggie Skinner

Mystic Yoga Shala

Maggie started started coming to classes at the Mystic Yoga Shala when she was only 14 years old and she became part of the Seva(work/study) team while still in high school. She moved to Manhattan when she was 17 to pursue her modeling career and was most recently seen on "Americas Next Top Model."

As well as walking the runway in New York Fashion Week and going on castings, Maggie was on the Assisting Team at Baptiste Affiliate, Lyons Den Power Yoga in Chelsea and Tribeca, NYC.

Maggie has also traveled on her own to Kenya to be of service with Africa Yoga Project and received her 200HR YTT under Paige Elensen. Maggie is also an Ambassador for Africa Yoga Project and is currently raising $10,000 for this remarkable non-profit.

Maggie is currently residing in Mystic, CT helping her family and thrilled to be teaching yoga at the Mystic Yoga Shala.

Maggie is also a creative Vegan Chef, carpenter, organizer, interior designer, gardener, and loves to spend time practicing yoga!

Lindsey Quinn

Lindsey offers private and group based asana, pranayama and meditation instruction. Lindsey uses yoga, in all forms, as a therapeutic measure when working with clients to aid in healing chronic physical ailments, persistent medical conditions and emotional discord and/or trauma. With a focus on mindfulness and awareness of self and the surrounding world, Lindsey helps her clients develop coping strategies for depression, anger, stress and anxiety, as well as other responses of the mind. Beyond this, her teachings allow clients to adopt positive lifestyle habits including proper diet and exercise as well as other habits of self-care.

Lindsey’s passion for nature coupled with her mindfulness based approach to teaching and counseling allows her to bring a playful balance of energy, challenge, love and forgiveness to each practice she shares. Lindsey loves welcoming new faces into her classes, as she believes that it is her calling to share the healing power of yoga with as many people as she can in this lifetime!

Thank you to our Partners!