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2009 Mystic Outdoor Art Festival Winners

To open the file, click on the link below. To save to your computer, right-click (windows) or ctr-click (mac) and save the file.

Best in Show 2009.jpg
Best in Show
1st Prize Acrylic.jpg
1st Prize Acrylic
1st Prize Crafts.jpg
1st Prize Crafts
1st Prize Graphics 2009.jpg
1st Prize Graphics
1st Prize Mixed Media 2009.jpg
1st Prize Mixed Media
1st Prize Oils 2009.jpg
1st Prize Oils
1st Prize Pastels 2009.jpg
1st Prize Pastels
1st Prize Photography 2009.jpg
1st Prize Photography
1st Prize Sculpture 2009.jpg
1st Prize Sculpture
1st Prize Watercolor 2009.jpg
1st Prize Watercolor
2nd Prize Acrylic.jpg
2nd Prize Acrylic
2nd Prize Crafts.jpg
2nd Prize Crafts
2nd Prize Graphics 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Graphics
2nd Prize Mixed Media 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Mixed Media
2nd Prize Oils 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Oils
2nd Prize Pastels 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Pastels
2nd Prize Photography 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Photography
2nd Prize Sculpture 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Sculpture
2nd Prize Watercolor 2009.jpg
2nd Prize Watercolor
3rd Prize Acrylic.jpg
3rd Prize Acrylic
3rd Prize Crafts.jpg
3rd Prize Crafts
3rd Prize Graphics 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Graphics
3rd Prize Mixed Media 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Mixed Media
3rd Prize Oils 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Oils
3rd Prize Pastels 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Pastels
3rd Prize Photography 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Photography
3rd Prize Sculpture 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Sculptures
3rd Prize Watercolor 2009.jpg
3rd Prize Watercolor
Beonne Beronda Award 2009.jpg
Beonne Beronda Award
Honorable Mention Acrylics.jpg
Honorable Mention Acrylics
Honorable Mention Crafts 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Crafts
Honorable Mention Graphics 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Graphics
Honorable Mention Mixed Media 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Mixed Media
Honorable Mention Oils 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Oils
Honorable Mention Pastels 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Pastels
Honorable Mention Photography 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Photography
Honorable Mention Watercolor 2009.jpg
Honorable Mention Watercolor
Marion Tetlow Award 2009.jpg
Marion Tetlow Award
Milton Baline Award 2009.jpg
Milton Baline Award
Robert Brackman Award 2009.jpg
Robert Brackman Award