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CUPPING SPECIAL $50 per session

Come experience the ancient art of fire cupping

Cupping is great for pain relief and to induce a state of relaxation. There are many ways to apply cupping therapy. Andrea and Kathleen have studied advanced cupping techniques and are eager to share their cupping talents with you.

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Fire cupping is one of the oldest techniques in Asian Medicine and is also part of the folk medicines of many Western cultures. Suction cups are applied to different areas of the body, most commonly along the back. The gentle suction pulls against tension in your body. Cupping is commonly used for respiratory problems and common colds, as well as muscle aches and pain.

The cups are referred to as "fire" cups because a flame is inserted into the cup and then quickly withdrawn to create a vacuum for suction. The cups themselves are not hot and they do not burn the skin at all. Usually cups are left on from 5 to 20 minutes.

Cupping may also be done with vacuum pump cups. These are cups with valves at the top. A little hand pump is attached to the valve and air is withdrawn to create the vacuum.

Cupping will often leave circular marks or discolorations on the skin. These marks are not bruises and do not hurt. Depending on how dark the discoloration is, they will dissipate in a few hours to a week. In addition to being therapeutic, cupping is diagnostic. The color of and the length of time it takes for the cupping marks to resolve give your acupuncturist important information about your body.

There are many techniques in cupping therapy. Sometimes small cups are used, other times larger ones. They may be placed on the body and left in one spot, or lotion can be applied to the area so the cups can slide painlessly along the skin. Strong or weak suction is appropriate for different problems. Often cupping is combined with acupuncture or massage.

Cupping can be used therapeutically for pain and injuries, for respiratory and other internal problems, for release of physical and emotional tension. A stress reducing session of fire cups is a relaxing experience.

Our acupuncturists have taken advanced cupping classes with Bruce Bentley, an international expert on the subject. They know how to choose the proper cupping style for you.

Call 860-448-6766 today to schedule your cupping session with Andrea or Kathleen.